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Clarity is at the heart of everything we do

Our models – by linking operational drivers to financial output - help management teams convey their business plan and their actions to banks and investors in a language everyone can understand.

Powdr exists to (i) unlock access to capital, (ii) improve financial controls and (iii) prevent unnecessary business failure by giving every business, regardless of size, the ability to produce investor-ready financial forecasts.

Powdr aims to create a new culture of continuous forecasting, planning and financial analysis to make it easier to raise the right capital for your situation.

We want to be the industry-standard modelling software for:

  • management teams;
  • accountants;
  • banks; and
  • investors.


  • Simplicity
  • Accuracy
  • Flexibility
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Supportiveness

Did you know....

Between 40 and 50% of bank funding applications from small businesses get rejected each year, and many more are discouraged from applying in the first place.

We know first hand that many small businesses get rejected for finance because they don't have credible financial models. The process to get such a model is incredibly expensive and what's more they can break very quickly after their initial use. So we built Powdr to help address these things, by leveraging technology we can help businesses of all shapes and sizes to build a credible financial model at affordable prices. What's more our models can change and adapt with you and will not break. We are continually speaking with banks and investors to ensure our tools reflect what they need to see in a funding application so you can have confidence in your application. 

Years of experience across banking, restructuring, consultancy & building models to support such transactions make us well equipped to support you on your journey. 

Our CEO and co founder Joe has recognised this problem since he first started working at a bank yet was always powerless to do anything but refer small companies to expensive consultancies. After years of honing his unique modelling technique specifically to support financial transactions he worked alongside a highly skilled team to develop Powdr. 

But we haven't stopped there!

Since our launch we've been dropping new features every month and will continue to do so. We will continually strive to offer our customer's the best possible software based modelling and support that they can get on the market today. 

We have experience across a huge number of sectors, from small start-ups to large corporates however Powdr has been built to best support start ups, SMEs and Medium corporate sized businesses. We do offer consolidation features if you have multiple businesses that you need overall visibility of too

At Powdr we are committed to supporting businesses to understand the importance of forecasting and how they can use the output of a good model. We are also committed to helping them know where to start (whether that is using Powdr or another tool).

Keep an eye on our news pages to catch any webinars / conferences we are speaking at that might be of use to you to help better your understanding of the world of forecasting. 

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With a passion for innovation and dedication to excellence, our team has unique blend of experience to bring you our unique software modelling tool with experienced consultancy support as you need it. 

Joe van Gelder

CEO and Foundr

Steve Foster

CTO and Foundr

Nicola Jones

COO and Foundr

Daniel Keighobadi

Client Services Manager

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