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Our models draw out the key details that banks, funds and investors need to assess your business, quickly and affordably 

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We solve the forecasting problem

Through years of experience, across hundreds of industries, sectors and situations, we have systematically solved the issues with traditional forecast models. Don't accept second best any longer

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Informative financial models to help your business grow

Every model built in Powdr is driven by key performance indicators (KPIs) - linking your operational performance directly to your financial results.

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Powdr can provide financial modelling support to ALL businesses, regardless of size or sector. Our tool is specifically designed to grow and adapt with your business needs.

Tailored support

Our pay as you go consultancy model means that you only pay for the help you need, when you want it. We are always on hand if you need professional support and traditional consultancy.

Affordable pricing

By leveraging technology, not people, Powdr is an affordable, and quick to implement, solution that you can continue to keep up to date. You can build the model yourself or outsource set up to us.

Software for advisors

Our software isn't just for the end user. Contact us to find out how Powdr can help your practice advise clients more efficiently and enable faster, smoother transactions for everyone.

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