Powdr’s first webinar on how to build an effective forecast on Tuesday July 9th 2024 (11am – 12pm)

Building an effective forecast is integral to raising debt and equity finance.

Joe van Gelder – a specialist in this field – will share key tips, tricks and considerations in building a financial forecast that communicates your strategy to external stakeholders. He will explain the reasons why you need a business plan, give an overview of the accounting basics you need to know to build a professional forecast and help you think about how to build your assumptions.

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About the host:

 Joe van Gelder is the CEO and founder of Powdr first-of-its-kind financial forecasting software. Powdr builds three statement models that are simple to use, easy to update and unbreakable by design. Our mission is to make “big business forecasting tools” available and affordable to SMEs and startups. 

Having started his career in a restructuring team in a bank, Joe was often provided with poor quality financial information that he had to make a complex lending decision over. To change this, Joe retrained as an accountant whilst working for a global consultancy firm in corporate finance. He became a specialist in his field, building incredibly high-quality, easy to understand, three statement integrated models for large corporates. In 2017 Joe set up his own consulting firm, helping SMEs and large corporates build stakeholder ready forecasts and analysis. 

Most of Joe’s clients have been businesses in distressed situations or healthy companies looking to raise debt or equity. He works with and for PE, VCs, debt funds and all major banks. Recognising the need for KPI driven forecasting in all businesses, Joe set out to build his modelling techniques into software. 

After two years of development and testing, in September 2023 Joe launched Powdr

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